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Dice Of Mystery

Dice Of Mystery

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Dive into the Egyptian adventure and discover the hidden treasures of the gods on Dice of Mystery by Gaming 1!

Calling all adventurers and treasure hunters! Get ready for an epic journey into ancient Egypt with Dice of Mystery, a groundbreaking dice game from Belgian casino game provider Gaming 1, available on Casino King, the top online casino in Belgium!

How to play Dice of Mystery by Gaming 1?

From the very beginning, you will be captivated by the immersive design of Dice of Mystery. The dice are inspired by symbols and hieroglyphs typical of ancient Egypt.

This game is played on a 3x3 dice grid divided into four distinct zones. This compact configuration offers you great freedom of play while remaining easy to grasp.

The game offers four types of winning lines and five different payout tables. These varied combinations increase your chances of winning prizes with each dice roll, for an ever more captivating and rewarding gaming experience.

The operation of the dice game Dice of Mystery

From the beginning of your game on Dice of Mystery, you will notice 3 dice ready to be rolled in an area located outside the game grid.

To start your quest, simply click the "Start" button. Once rolled, the first column of 3 dice will animate and fill the first area you selected on the grid.

Your goal is to fill the four successive zones of the grid by continuing to roll the dice. With each roll, the chance of winning a prize is present! If, at the end of a round, you get 3 identical dice according to the winning lines defined by the game, you win a reward!

The bonus features on Dice of Mystery by Gaming 1

Dice of Mystery by Gaming 1 is not just a simple dice game; it's a thrilling adventure punctuated with innovative bonus features where each spin will offer you unexpected opportunities to win CASH prizes.

Cashback Book

Even if luck doesn't smile upon you with every spin, the Book of Mystery or the Book of Gains offers you a second chance to walk away with pockets full. This mystical book activates randomly during your gaming session, revealing rewards ranging from 100 to 250 points or even from 1 to 5 Mystery Games!

The Treasure Wheel

Align three Bonus symbols during your regular games and trigger the Treasure Wheel. Spin the wheel up to five times and try your luck to win up to 1000 points, multipliers of up to x1000 your bet, the progressive jackpot, or even the coveted access to the Sacred Book of Mystery Games.

Progressive jackpot

Spin the Egyptian wheel and let fate decide your fate! If the wheel stops on the Jackpot segment, you'll hit the jackpot and become the lucky owner of a colossal sum!

The Sacred Book of Mystery Games

Uncover the secrets of the sacred book on Dice of Mystery by winning Mystery games or discovering the sacred pages. These treasures may potentially earn you up to 30 additional Mystery Games to incredibly boost your balance!

Golden WILD dice column

Be amazed by the golden WILD dice column, which can appear at any moment and replace any dice column on the game interface, including the Bonus dice! This completely new bonus feature offers winning opportunities that will leave you speechless.

Play Dice of Mystery on your smartphone or computer

Roll the dice of Dice of Mystery from your computer, smartphone, or even your tablet to explore the many secrets of the pyramids, pharaohs, and Egyptian deities.

What is the maximum win on Dice of Mystery by Gaming 1?

With an RTP of 96.00%, Dice of Mystery puts all the odds in your favor to win big. Bet between €0.25 and €25 per game, and the maximum win is up to 100 times your bet in the base game.

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